Smart display with the ability to display content based on collective environmental information in the context of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence,2020 

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Portable intelligent consulting device based on artificial intelligence,2022 – LinkLink 2

Stone material grading system in concrete mixing for construction sites with image processing and machine learning,2022  –  Link – Link 2

Inkare Brand

Trademark Registration

Inkare – Link


 Top inventor of Alborz province link 1Link2

Young Elite of Alborz province (Organizer: Alborz province governor, Kharazmi University and Karaj Azad University) – Link 1Link 2Video

Van Entrepreneur and Investor Summit


IOT in Smart Cities, 2020  – linkLink2

Implementing IOT Using the Arduino Board and Esp8266, 2019  – LinkLink 2

Agile PMI book, 2019  – linklink 2

Digital Branding, 2022,  linkLink 2

Data Analytics in Project Management – link