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I am an Innovation manager with over 8 years of experience specializing in Project management. I specifically work on the 4th and 5th generation, and in this regard, I have completed more than 10 research projects and 200 implementation projects. I am the founder of Inkare one of the top startups in the field of services. This startup has 10.000 registered users and more than 1 million views on Instagram. I have held the roles of executive management, and IT manager in other companies. Based on my years of experience in the digital ecosystem and Project management, I have written and translated 15 books in this field, also I have registered 4 patents in the field of IoT, AI, and management. I won top positions in domestic and international invention and innovation competitions. In addition, I held training courses in reputed institutions of Alborz province, where I trained about 500 experts in this field.
In the sector of Technology, I am currently an entrepreneur, inventor, and digital director, and reputable newspapers have interviewed me.

Interested subject

IOT ( Internet of things)

Industrial 4

Industrial 4

Agile Project management

Decision making system & Artificial intelligence