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I am an Innovation project manager with over 7 years of professional experience in the industry, and many years of academic experience in teaching. I specifically work on the 4th industrial generation , and in this regard, I have completed more than 50 research projects and 20 implementation projects. I am the founder of Inkare one of the top startups in the field of Construction industry. Based on my years of experience in the Project management and digital ecosystem, I have written and translated 25 books in this field, also I have registered 6 patents in the field of IoT, AI, and management. I won top positions in domestic and international invention and innovation competitions.

In addition, I held training courses in reputed institutions of Alborz province such as Karaj azad university, where I trained about 500 experts in this field. Have extensive expertise in many areas of construction and project management including Planning and Scheduling, Contract Management, Artificial intelligence, IoT, Lean Construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Construction Business Management.

Interested subject

IOT ( Internet of things)

Industrial 4

Industrial 4

Agile Project management

Decision making system & Artificial intelligence